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Thursday, August 11, 2016

3 Things I Love About #SICSundays

1. The crowd! - No matter who is performing we always attract the best fans out to our shows. There is nothing like being in a room full of music fans and great people all rallying around some very dope artists!

2. The Artist - Every month our entire team focuses on bringing high quality acts with great stage presence and impactful music.  The artists bring their full energy and passion to the stage and they never disappoint. 

3. The energy/love! Everyone that comes to SIC Sundays is there for the love. Be it the love of their particular artists, a love of the music, a love of the culture, or the love of the party. We come to party comfortably and have a relaxed dress code so you can come and hang being fully yourself and expressing your true unique style. Everyone is attentive and accepting.  The love keeps the energy at SIC Sundays very high and after every show I am on an adrenaline rush for at least the next few hours. And that usually spills over to an after party or 2 haha! 

So come see all these elements for yourself in action August 21 as we celebrate 1 YEAR! #SICSundays

312.869.9603 for more info or tickets. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Follow SICSundays

The best hip hop concert and day party in the Midwest! We are bringing in top flight talent from all over! Follow the page to stay in tune!

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Question Is Still Relevant! Who you got?

#SICSundays 1 Year anniversary show is up next! We are bringing out a lot of our all star performers and we are celebrating 1 year of putting on amazing shows! Be sure to rock with us and let us know who you got?! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

She Puts on and We Celebrate! Thank you Mos P

I would like to salute my lil sister DJ Mos Precious. I have the honor of calling her my sister. She works hard and really puts on for her city of St. Louis and all artists she believes in.  This month we have the privilege to recognize her and celebrate her birthday along with her as she brings her birthday celebration to #SICSundays! I for one am excited and hope that you will come share in the celebration. She has assembled a dope lineup of some of her favorite artists to showcase.  Its an action packed lineup in a very festive atmosphere this month.  I encourage everyone to come out and meet this very special young lady and help her celebrate her special day.

Our tribute artist for this month is T.I.  Check out my T.I mix and don't forget to peep my Blok Club brother DJ Sikwitit's mix as well. (SIC Sundays Mixcloud Page)  Check out the flyer below and the link for the discounted tickets and we hope to see you Sunday.

Follow SIC Sundays Facebook page! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SIC Sundays P1 DMX Tribute Mix!

Check out this mix i put together of a small selection of my favorite DMX tracks! Drop a comment or feedback. And be sure to check out our #SICSundays live events and SIC Sundays facebook page to keep up with the movement! #ChicagosBestDayParty