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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Question Is Still Relevant! Who you got?

#SICSundays 1 Year anniversary show is up next! We are bringing out a lot of our all star performers and we are celebrating 1 year of putting on amazing shows! Be sure to rock with us and let us know who you got?! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

She Puts on and We Celebrate! Thank you Mos P

I would like to salute my lil sister DJ Mos Precious. I have the honor of calling her my sister. She works hard and really puts on for her city of St. Louis and all artists she believes in.  This month we have the privilege to recognize her and celebrate her birthday along with her as she brings her birthday celebration to #SICSundays! I for one am excited and hope that you will come share in the celebration. She has assembled a dope lineup of some of her favorite artists to showcase.  Its an action packed lineup in a very festive atmosphere this month.  I encourage everyone to come out and meet this very special young lady and help her celebrate her special day.

Our tribute artist for this month is T.I.  Check out my T.I mix and don't forget to peep my Blok Club brother DJ Sikwitit's mix as well. (SIC Sundays Mixcloud Page)  Check out the flyer below and the link for the discounted tickets and we hope to see you Sunday.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SIC Sundays P1 DMX Tribute Mix!

Check out this mix i put together of a small selection of my favorite DMX tracks! Drop a comment or feedback. And be sure to check out our #SICSundays live events and SIC Sundays facebook page to keep up with the movement! #ChicagosBestDayParty

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I'm going on an Indiana Invasion!

This weekend I will be rocking out at a couple shows in Indiana. Friday night you can catch me in Hartford City. 

Saturday night I'll be making a trip back New Haven to rock again as well! 

Cool thing about this run is that you will probably catch me in triple threat mode, I'll do a little hosting and a little djing in addition to the live show that fans have come to expect from P1. 

The Indiana invasion begins this weekend...!!! Check flyers for details. Text 312.869.9603 if you are interested in street teaming for either of the shows!

How I Got to the Dance Championships in Orlando!

As I sit by the pool reflecting on my trip to Orlando I ran by this quote and thought how this applied to my life.
How did I get to Orlando? I was asked to make a mix for a Pom/Cheerleading team competition. This was something I had never done or even remotely thought about. It has to do with music so of course I said yes. Then I started listening to Pom mixes and how they are structured. After listening to those I realized I might be way in over my head. I had committed to doing it and it was for the kids so I tried. The fort few attempts were extremely frustrating to say the least. I was beating myself up and could only think about how far over my head I was in. I kept plugging away though. Especially because the coach was on me.