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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day! Collection of 14 Tracks to Celebrate (iHeart P1)

Happy Valentines Day to the lovers and the non lovers alike! Check out the 14 track tape filled with some love and not so love songs...available for download!

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 2016 P1 Events!

January was a great run got to do a lot of exciting things and meet some amazing people! February is starting off on a great note and we have 21 more days to make it special in this leap year. So come on out and party with me as i join the Late Night Thoughts tour and continue the #VintagePhe move this month.  Peep the slideshow

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fort Wayne Jan 22! (live Show)

I will be rocking the stage in Fort Wayne Next Friday night make sure you are in the building!! Pre sale tickets go up for sale this Friday. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Feel Bad Shirts...The Backstory and the Video

The I Feel Bad t shirts came about the day of the video shoot! From conception to print it all happened in less than 10 hours. I was actually out in Fort Wayne Indiana partying with DJ Polaris at the Music Lover's Lounge event the night before the video shoot back outside of Chicago.  I did not have any wardrobe for the video and decided to visit the mall in Ft. Wayne to put something together. I started out with the hat of course wanted a P hat to rock in the vid and found the Pacers joint pictured here.

So after looking for different shirts to match or something that i could put together i passed a t shirt making kiosk in the mall. My friend suggested getting a custom shirt. I thought it was a good idea but i totally had no design and they didn't have any templates that were appealing to me.  I decided to give my buddy BFM a call and let him know what i wanted. @babyfacemonster does a lot of my design work for my flyers mostly make sure you check him out.  After talking to him he told me give him 20 minutes and he would have something to me.

I was still in Ft. Wayne and the custom shop would take 20 mins or so per i decided to get back on the road and call my homie Bangghz! Talked to Bangghz and he agreed to open up the shop and print the t shirts as soon as the design came through. Make sure you check him out at they have a wide variety of print and design services and they get it done very quickly as you can see.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Vote to Live (Performance Opportunity)

Blok Club Djs are Looking for artist to submit songs and perform at our upcoming showcase! 

Blok Club DJs will be hosting and presenting Vote to Live (a fundraiser) 

We are looking for solid performers with strong songs that have a positive message! Submit your positive/uplifting songs directly to P1. 

Email with the subject Vote to Live

Songs and performers selected will be promoted on the Blok Club website and will rock the stage at our event January 31st at the Nzuri Entertainment Center. 

This opportunity is open to all genres and we will also consider dance troupes, and other visual artists. For all performance questions please contact P1 via email at

Please share and tag people that may be interested in performing!